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What actions ??2006-02-02 15:54:262558

If the reader recognizes the irrational government actions as elements that are destroying the U.S. social structure, and also recognizes that his tax contributions are funding the destruction, is the action essential to altering the government action not apparent ?? But perhaps such a solution to the problem involves too great an exposure to adverse reactions. The ringing words of Patrick Henry or the maneuvers of John Galt (bless Miss Rand), or the oppression via government expansion documented to be implemented by the Council on Foreign Relations by steps to a one-world government, may not have been communicated to the neophyte---but that is the way the CFR wants it. 10:50:11jcadla

All of this is very interesting but the writer has omitted the one thing that will make this a credible missile; what to do about each stated problem (if, in fact, a problem exists) to make it better, to solve it, so to speak. It is interesting reading but means little without a stated alternative solution to each of his stated problems. My Mom always told me, "Never tell a man he is doing it wrong unless you can show him how to do it right."