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Dear John...2005-12-31 18:47:31ma-earth

OK, I don't have to hold my breath any more. The hard copy has arrived...not on my porch as promised but at the end of my driveway eventually under my tires ...I'm thinking that I don't need it there. I rather like the idea of finding the Joplin Herald in my mailbox where passersby don't see it when I'm not home for several days beyond the weekend. I can envision it soggy and won't be able to just transfer it into the garbage can that's placed on the curb during the week. Maybe, I'm missing the point but I don't see the advantage for me to have this added inconvenience if the staff is going to provide me with news on the Internet on an updated daily basis. Why don't they just deliver the hard copy to the news rack in Wal-Mart where people without computers can just pick it up passing by? Or else, deliver it to my porch!