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Buying Roy's Pork2005-12-29 21:58:29kandu

Are we concerned about out of control spending in Congress or not? Roy Blunt is spending our money like a drunken sailor! While he claims to be a staunch fiscal conservative, he is handing southwest Missouri 27.1 million dollars for various projects. When other congressmen bring home the bacon, we scream about pork barrel spending. Isn’t this just more of the same? He is giving 2.8 million dollars to the Springfield-Branson airport to build the new Midfield Airport Terminal. Our airport currently has a near impossible task of EVER looking busy. Aren’t most of the major airlines currently in jeopardy of going financially under? What are we thinking?! Great, more money for us!? But, at what price? Our children and grandchildren are being given an enormous debt to pay off in the name of making Roy look good. Technically, our airport should not have been able to apply for FAA funds because it had grown beyond the limits set by federal law. What did Roy gleefully claim they had to do in order to circumvent the rules? “So we changed the laws!” Blunt said. (Yet another shameful lapse of the Blunt ethic.) How much more money from the federal government should southwest Missouri expect for the projected 100 million dollar terminal project? Roy claims, “We’ll get whatever it takes!” OMG! But Roy has the blessings (and money) of the Chamber of Commerce to back him up. And now, Roy is giving a boost to the Gestalt Company to the tune of 7 million dollars, after giving them 3.8 million last year. Bill Loftus is the CEO of that company and he has recently given the RoyB pac fund $7,500. It might have been even more, but Loftus has smartly spread his largesse around to the National Republican Congressional Committee and PACS to the tune of $46,000. That should buy loads of good will. Let’s just hope that RES can bounce back from its misstep regarding its own state of the art technology. RES has been touted as a joint venture with CWT and ConAgra Foods, Inc. I was trying to find out who ran RES when I came across the name of P.J. Samson. He was listed as the VP/General Manager of ConAgra Foods. I’m not sure that qualifies as “a joint venture;” but, ConAgra gives thousands to Roy Blunt almost every election cycle, so I guess the devil is in the details. Roy, I’d like to start up a business of my own, and I’m wondering how much I’d have to contribute to your cabal in order for you to redistribute some of our tax dollars back to me?