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Pollyanna2006-01-14 20:07:02dumonde

Forgotten is the incestuous relationship between "baby Blunt" and the Blunt Cabal, which is composed of lobbyists, political hacks and felons. The new jobs were probably realtors who got what they wanted courtesy of the efforts of Greg Hartley, Roy Blunt's former Chief of Staff, and now K Street lobbyist, who was paid $50,000.00 for one month's work convincing "baby Blunt" to sign a bill opening the door for realtors over the objection of the FTC. Roy got Abramoff money for his PACs and gets "friend of owner" free meals from Abramoff's taverns. Are you gullible enough to think that some of that money didn't go to young Matt's campaigns? Well, so as not to keep you in the dark, Dad's cronies, including Tom Delay, managed to funnel $50,000.00 to the boy's campaign and Dad himself put $100,000.00 through his "soft money" PAC to get the boy elected. Son number 2, Andrew, was put through law school as a "senior consultant" by one of Dad's contributors who received 2.5 million from Dad's political committees for "work" it alledgedly did. Of course, instead of going straight, son number 2 now works as a lobbyist trying to convince his brother to help Dad's patrons. I won't mention that Roy's brother is a former political operative who lost his law licence after pleading guilty to fraud. Missouri has gone from being the "Show Me" State to being the "Fleece Me" State. Kudos indeed!

Kudos for the governor2006-01-14 12:47:45cjackson

Unemployment figures released January 13, 2006 by the Missouri Dept. of Economic Development show that 7,600 jobs were created in December while the state's unemployment rate fell by a half point. Over the last year, payroll employment has grown by 22,300 jobs, or 0.8 percent. Manufacturing employment is up by 1,900 jobs or 0.6 percent. The governor's economic plan is working.