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Tabor Amendment2006-05-13 13:19:06lineeb

It is a myth that Colorado repealed the Tabor Amendment in November of 2005. Colorado voters approved a measure to allow the state to temporarily (for five years)spend above the cap. Requiring government to ask citizens for the right to spend above the cap is the entire premise of Tabor. In the same referendum voters rejected state borrowing above the cap. The Tabor Amendment is still part of the Colorado Constitution.

Don't sign Article 14 peitition!2006-05-04 16:34:11e-aviles

...Article 14 is an amendment to the state constitution that would strangle economic development, and increasingly disadvantage education, health care, public safety and transportation. Missouri has already had the Hancock Amendment in place for 26 years. It already limits state spending and gives voters the right to approve tax increases. Article 14 is similar but more invasive than Hancock! Colorado voters suspended a similar measure last November due to the damage it caused their economy over the past 13 years. Why would Missouri want to make the same mistake? We need real solutions to our budget problems, not high sounding gimmicks that don’t deliver.