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Regarding Lillian Bentham2015-08-25 16:13:46mariwinn

Janet, thanks for the compliment. It's great to see that an article written more than nine years ago can be still readable and enjoyed. I'm afraid I can't help you out with your request for more information about Lillian Bentham. She is mentioned simply because when I visited the Titanic Museum in Branson, I was given her passport. This site does sound interesting: Have you also Googled her name? --Mari Winn

Lillian Bentham2015-08-24 19:54:42janet076

Great article. Can you tell me why Lillian Benthams's name was specifically mentioned in this article? I have been to the museum in Tennessee twice. And both times I received her name as my passenger boarding pass. Coincidently We lived in the same city too ... I believe I know where more of her items can be attainable. Any info you can give me on her would be appreciated. Thank you. Janet Steidle