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weightless comment, friend2006-10-23 21:22:25naseem

I got Jewish friends they tolled me a similar stories when they served in the army (some of them wore at these checkpoints) I can understand why your defending Israel, its easy to blur it with the past during world war 2 ( the holocaust), but time has changed the Jewish are becoming very influential in the western world and the sad part they abused there political and military power to gain more territory. Here is a lesson from history. In the 6 day war against Egypt, fighting over a strategic territory Israel provoked Egypt to retaliate when Israeli force entered the demilitarized zone in the Sinai desert and started fortify there borders slowly marching toward the desert sparked the 6 day war. Looking back on what Baltzer said make sense!...if your being humiliated and to the point of dignity, it provoke a psychological trauma, and in worst case scenario can provoke a violent response a clear example the prisoners men in guantanamo who committed suicide to escape the torture, for the Palestinian case they chose to fight back. the soldiers in the checkpoint have a clear authority, they can even shot to kill if they see a threat but in reality they abuse the Palestinian in the checkpoint where they behave or not! And that’s how it was long before any resistance was borne. All this madness in Palestine was the result of the occupation! Its not a propaganda, take it or leave it..
Updated: 2006-10-23 09:23:15

Brigitte Gabriel's speech2006-08-13 11:17:47admin2

The email version of a speech by Brigitte Gabriel, a Christian who fled Lebanon, is still being circulated on the Internet. Is it propaganda or is it truth aimed at exposing the threat of Islamic fundamentalism? Read it here--

Brainwashing2006-06-17 01:58:07mambo

Maybe intensive witnessing and proselytizing could bring Muslims and Jews over to the Christian side and problem solved. You know American Christians are doing pretty good with this Afghanistan and Iraq occupation so maybe we could just expand a little and occupy Palestine and Israel. Maybe a massive airdrop of bibles, new and old testament, just to clear things up.

Typical Arab propaganda2006-05-20 15:43:07misterd

Was this young girl recently in Turkey where Jewish synagogues need guards on duty day and night...or some other Muslim nation? Turkey, like many other places around the globe, is a hosting place for Arab organizations that use brainwashing to bring people to their side. The Arabs won't be satisfied until they throw Israelis into the sea. Good thing that Jews can swim.