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Illegals are causing an economic impact2006-06-19 09:27:30n99nt

What a lot of baloney!!! At least along the border states, 'dem illegals are costing us lots of money. It's a sore subject with me...and I never used to be prejudiced. Was not raised that way. However, the invasion has changed my opinion. And Pres. Fox is a real S.O.B.

Ed, Ed, Ed, you dear sweet man!2006-06-14 17:22:26mambo

How appropriate for Rep Ed Emery not to hold a meeting on illegal immigration in his own backyard of SW MO, where in the recent past about 60 illegals were rounded up at a cheese plant construction site in Carthage, yes that is in SW Missouri. Where in the past,in Neosho and Noel, there have been massive illegal hirings and past convictions of people running illegals up to this area from outside this country. A very smooth move by a suave politician who knows who pays for his election campaigns. I guess Ed will have to check with the Gov about where to hold the next indepth fact finding meeting. Maybe the committee will come up with more punitive measures against business's that knowingly hire illegals, now wouldn't that be novel. Hats off to another elected official looking after the needs of business and only paying lip service to the wishes, hopes and dreams of the voting public. Ed, why waste the taxpayers money? Just stop with all the committee smoke and mirrors and just level with the voting public. It's a one party system in MO, so why bother with all that "we're helping and we want input from the public" clap trap. Give me a break!