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I Agree2006-09-21 10:55:21kdreger

This is correct, EVERYTHING we do we give freely, with no strings attached, and with no expectation of getting anything but satisfaction of getting things done, and doing the right thing on this issue. In the New California camp, we have donated thousands of $$$ to create a camp for our members, and nobody questions where it came from! We gave it to the cause, understand! Because it is what needs to be done....and we cannot wait for our government to do it!
Updated: 2006-09-21 10:56:11

How are we funded2006-09-21 01:28:38patriot8

The Minutemen are a grassroots organization. All of our funding comes from volunteers. We do not get any federal money of any type. Everything I have done locally I have paid for out of my own pocket.