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Nebraskan for Claire2006-11-02 11:27:55jar4

My Nebraska native son who grew up in a Republican, protestant, small town (pop 30)ranch boy is now working for Claire McCaskill in St. Louis. He went to college in Kirksville Mo. and began to see the pros and cons of each side. He did an internship in Jeff City where he then was hired by the National Democratic Party to campaign for Claire. He now is elevated to all of St. Louis with paid canvassing. I figure Claire must be a dynamic woman with genuine concern for the state of Missouri to convince my born conservative son to believe in her and to spend 20 hours a day to spread the word about her and her convictions. Two of us are flying into St. Louis from S.W. NE to help with the final hours and hopefully convince a few undecided voters that if she is good enough for a former NE Republican, she is good enough for them. By the way his cowboy boots won't come off until the election is over. (except maybe in the shower)