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My sister honors all Veterans2006-11-06 08:02:58sis4mo

On May 20.2006 I had the privilege of attending the Hillsboro Armed Services Day in Hillsboro Missouri I was sitting by a couple whose children were performing from their local church I noticed that the father was blind and I asked if him if he was a veteran. He told me that he was and he had served in Desert Storm 10 years ago. (It was hard for me to believe that Desert Storm was so long ago!) I asked him if he had difficulty with veteran's benefits and he said his health care has been horrible. He had lost his eyes in a bomb explosion. The first year he was back the VA Hospital had fitted him with prosthetic eyes, they were not the correct color of his eyes, nor the custom fit for his sockets. Last year his paper work was finally worked through the system so that his prosthetic eyes match his original color and fit his sockets. This is over 9 years after his original injury. The point is we can put all the magnetic ribbons on the back of our cars and say that we honor and support our armed service men and women but until we start treating these brave people with the health care they deserve, honor and support are just empty words and broken promises. My sister is Claire McCaskill and I approve this message!

To Claire vets are just pawns2006-11-05 22:16:58vandriel

After hearing John Kerry’s comment, the point I wanted to make about Claire McCaskill and other Democrats is reinforced by that. He uses men and women who serve our country as pawns in his quest for political gain. Claire Mc Caskill is doing the same. It’s happening all over the country. Democrats place on TV the elderly, minorities, and the disabled, especially veterans, and have them tell a story of how Republicans are not concerned about affordable health care, inner city jobs and new schools, or increased funding for the military and veteran's health care and benefits. I’m not a Missourian and can’t comment on what the Democrats have done to improve health care for the elderly, education or facilities for inner city school children, and jobs for minorities, but what I can comment on is what the Republicans have done for the Veteran's Administration in the area of health care and benefits. In the January 20, 2006 issue of the Washington Post is a report containing survey results that indicate a high level of satisfaction among veterans being treated at VA facilities. The telephone survey, conducted in October, 2005, found inpatient care received a rating of 83 on a 100-point scale, while outpatient care received a rating of 80. This is compared to ratings of 73 and 75 respectively for private care. These findings mark the sixth straight year that the VA health care system has outranked the private sector for customer satisfaction. Mc Caskill's people waited outside a VA Medical Center and found some veterans in the 20% group and convinced them in Democratic fashion to spout misinformation. When did she start caring about veterans, when she decided to become a Senator? --Lenny Van Driel, O'Fallon, IL, U.S. Army ret., Viet Nam vet