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planning2006-11-17 12:10:50mjonespe

The most disappointing aspect of this is that the city planning and zoning ordinance calls for traffic planning, yet it is not enforced by the city or the council. Adding to this was the mayor's rejection of letting citizen's comment on the Planned development at the last council meeting.

Chaos in the name of progress2006-11-10 10:54:23ma-earth

Am I getting this straight? The ex-mayor is lamenting the loss from non-urban planning for Range Line Rd., yet is helpless in suggesting that, maybe, development along 32nd St. should first require an environmental impact study? Or that the whole area, heaven forbid, should somehow follow a pre-conceived urban plan set up by the council, especially regarding entrances and traffic flow? What kind of a community lets developers run rough-shod over them calling it "progress"? To the council, I say, before one drop of blood is spilled on 32nd St. in a traffic accident, consider your actions.