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Odor scrubber is on strike2006-11-21 12:18:39mambo

I suspect that what is happening is that with cool weather upon us the evaporative cool pad, being used as an odor scrubber at the compost facility, is not working so well. And as more fantastico litter is produced at the new barns then more puddin' manure is being brought in from farms out of the area, to be blended with the fantastico product so as to make the puddin' more spreadable. That scenario was voiced a number of times, by Moark and DNR, in the hearings. So we have somewhat of an idea about what is and is not happening and the result is a "big stink". If I were the DNR and LOL I would not want the notice info out there at all either. I sure hope LOL has a good negotiator, you know how tough the DNR can be!