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Don't whine; get even2007-04-05 16:23:54admin2

If anyone thinks that he or she has no voice, then consider the power of the vote. In Branson in the election that took place on April 3, 2007, Mayor-elect Raeanne Presley ousted incumbent Mayor Lou Schaefer, who at 79 held the record for serving six consecutive two-year terms. A business leader, Raeanne who with husband Steve own Presley's Jubilee Theatre, ran with the campaign slogan, "It's Time for a Change." Schaefer's name was not on the ballot; he had to run a write-in campagign because he forgot to pay his county property taxes before the filing deadline, as required by state law. Also bumped from office by Sandra Williams in Ward II was longtime alderman Ron Huff seeking his seventh term and Eric Farris by Bob McDowell in Ward I. The newly elected officials will hold a majority vote. One of the main changes they hope to make is encouraging more citizen involvement and a friendlier city hall.

Branson's Get a Clue2007-02-07 21:31:35sama

I ran across a video that is posted on a blog called New City of Branson. The video is currently rated in the top 50, so I did a little research on the topic. How arrogant can Branson's city officials get! To own the name "Branson"? Who would of followed that hairbrain thought. Then, to continue to mail out letters to businesses? What are they after royalty fees? Lawsuit winnings? I have never heard of anything like this? It's a name of a town!!! I was wondering why the city attorney was issuing an apology on the video. Good grief, he needs to issue a real one to all the businesses that they are suing! Can't he be disbarred or something? Does he know what he's doing? They are trying to disbar that one prosecuting attorney in the Duke's case, I think this guy should be too! Branson you are just hurting yourself by attacking businesses that build the area for tourists. It doesn't make sense, do they have another motive in mind? I hope those people get their apology, I'd like to see Sir Richard Branson tell them what they could do!