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Senility reigns2006-12-14 14:40:49elliel

Branson is about to self destruct itself! What is your opinion about Branson suing dozens of local Branson business owners for using the generic name of "Branson" in their business names? We have seven senile city councilmen and a senile Mayor here in town who are tearing this town apart at the seams by suing all the local business owners outside the city limits who have Branson included in their names. The name Branson has been around ever since 1913 when Rueben Branson gave his name to the town. Branson is just like Joplin in the sense that nobody owns that name. It belongs in the public domain. Think about it. Branson is making bad enemies out of it's own people. Thank You Joplin.

Board of Alderman2006-12-02 12:27:41sltimme

Mari Winn's title "Pin the Tail on the Board of Alderman" is, in my opinion, a polite way of saying Jackasses! Allowing the Board of Alderman for the city of Branson to decide how and where the city name is allowed fringes on dictatorship. What next? Will the Board serve as the deciding factor on other issues important to the citizens without their imput? Quelling the voice of the citizens because the Board has already made a decision is not democracy. Hiring the "big guns" out of Springfield to come in and do their dirty work shows clearly that a decision was made by the Board of few and not by the representation of the city - the people. The actions in Branson is in my opinion another example of the ultra-conservative attempting to place their views of values on everyone. And if someone challenges their views, then that person is wrong and sometimes falsely accused of devious or immoral actions. It is a stupid idea that may backfire once the major television network comedians hear the story. The proposal by the Branson Board of Alderman is simply laughable. The political machine in action!!
Updated: 2006-12-02 12:30:01