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Wrath and beauty, a fine line2007-01-17 00:45:09mariwinn

Picman, our story depicts no tragedy except for what one might consider damage to the trees. After CNN's depiction of human suffering in Iraq, any human misery brought about by the ice storm would pale by comparison. Fortunately, the bitter cold of which you speak has come after many of the power outtages have been restored. The coming together of the community of Neosho in calling on elderly residents and those unable to care for themselves kept hardships to a minimum. As the introductory paragraph suggests, our pictures were meant to show the beauty of nature even when we might be inconvenienced by it.

Mama, I'm cold!2007-01-16 23:33:19picman

The story begins with tragedy but the photos that follow do not show the human misery brought about by the ice storm. The photos are really nice, especially the one at the beginning of the article but the others go flat to carry on the story. There is never the face of one suffering the bitter cold, the human element brought to their knees by this unwieldy event of nature.