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"High steaks gambling"2007-04-03 16:33:04mambo

Nice review of the latest eatery. Glad to see you enjoy "high steaks gambling". The last mouthwatering feast of meat, or so the label proclaimed, served in our house came from a pet food manufacturer and damn near killed our cat. Enjoy your intestinal fortitude in these matters though. Somebody has to be a research subject. Gotta love your immune system. Serously though, we see you as being very brave in these matters. Here at the "unknown eatery" we managed to put together a pizza last night--whipped up the organic WW dough. We cooked up some of our organic garden green peppers with onion and garlic in olive oil. The tossed in a few shitake mushrooms we harvested a few minutes earlier from our growing medium in a dark corner of our front room. We whipped up a quick tomato sauce from organic paste watered with organic sauce to get the right spreadability. Rolled out the dough, spread the sauce, tossed on the shroom/pepper mixture then topped with black olives, mozzerella and a bit of parmesan with a quick shot of fresh ground black pepper. This went well with a glass of pinot grigio.