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I had no idea2007-04-29 09:45:55mambo

I would have to agree with jcollins about the News-Leader story on Cindy Sheehan and the panel discussion. After reading the News-Leader story first, I had no idea there was a panel discussion or that anyone else was there to speak. I wonder how many people were in attendance? No mention in either story yet. The News-Leader has failed in its mission to educate and inform its readers. Kudos to Joplin Independent for putting the "fourth estate" back into reporting today!
Updated: 2007-04-29 11:52:04

News reporting defined2007-04-29 09:18:13jcollins

Thank you for the creation of your Cindy Sheehan story. I'm printing if off as I type, planning to take it to the News-Leader as an example of news reporting. You've likely followed the News-Leader "reporting" and understand why I'm calling them tomorrow, asking for a conference about the specious writing full of name calling and mud. Keep coming our way. Springfield needs you.