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thomas white2007-07-08 13:01:06sparrow

What is unfortunate in my opinion is that no top notch attorney has offered their services to thomas and his family at a reduced rate or better yet for free.thomas's case has gotten enough media coverage that someone would have seen it.This is a child being tried as an adult facing adult prison time,that should matter more then money to a top notch attorney somewhere in missouri.The judge may very well be seeing the defense's inexperience as a hinderance to thomas,but he also seems to be concerned with protecting thomas's constitutional rights.

On the defensive2007-07-07 14:58:40mariwinn

In my defense I favor a bit of honesty. I was reminding the readers that poor people are at a great disadvantage when compelled to use the services of public defenders. They more than likely lack the skills needed to get around the law. If you were listening to the conversation between the defense and the bench you should not be able to deny my assessment. Additionally, I believe that Judge Mouton recognizes the disadvantage placed upon Thomas because of his family's inability to secure top notch legal counsel. It is unfortunate that your organization, justice for juveniles, cannot attract the attention of one. Anyway, consequently, Mouton issued the continuance to give counsel more time to prepare its case. Mouton doesn't need to read my article to recognize the limitations of the defense.

Beautifully Written but..2007-07-07 14:22:31forkids

Love the article but why make the defense sound incompetent? These are public defenders and it is rare to have PD's work hard for anyone much less a child in turmoil. The pictures are great also!