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Cloning Controversy2007-08-24 12:21:14cmantrim

Dr. Lorena "Lori" Buffa is Not Correct and, in my opinion, trying to scare people in voting against Stem Cell research. Missouri Consitution Prohibts Human Cloning. "Dolly", a sheep, was cloned implanting a cloned sheep egg on to a sheep uterus using "Adult Stem Cells". Dr. Croy, a general practitioner in Joplin, states "Human cloning is dangerous, unproven and unnecessary". What she say's is already against Missouri Law and her support of "Cures Without Cloning (CWC)is another scare tactic. I am of the impression that Drs. Buffa and Croy have an hidden agenda. Are they against Embryonic Stem Cells or Abortion or Both? Being Doctors I am sure that they are aware that 50 % of a woman's fertilized egg (Embryonic Stem Cells), one each month, are Killed and Aborted. Todate this is "Natures" way and No One can do anything about that fact.