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MBC not SBC2007-08-23 22:08:03revbart

The Missouri Baptist Convention is not the Southern Baptist Convention. It is a state entity. And its having an opinion on an issue of life-or-death (a) hardly oppresses anyone else from airing a different opinion, and (b) is in the highest tradition of biblical mandates to stand up in defense of those (embryos) who cannot stand in defense of themselves. Otherwise, the stingy will just take from them without compunction.
Updated: 2007-08-23 10:08:24

Christian Life Commission lives...somewhere2007-08-23 16:31:05jqpublic

Well, revbart, I may be wrong about who Whitehead is and location, or not, but there most certainly is a Christian Life Commission. ( And the website says it is an arm of the Missouri Baptist Convention. It supports Cures Without Cloning by providing a link and certainly suggests that Baptists should follow their mandates, obviously the word of God that they tout rather than a form of brainwashing.

Refuting Hogwash2007-08-23 14:17:44revbart

Jqpublic's quote is so wrong in so many ways...where to start... 1. There is no SBC entity named the "Christian Life Commission" and hasn't been since 1995. 2. There is an Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, but neither it nor any of its predecessors have ever had offices in Missouri. 3. Michael Whitehead works neither for the non-existent CLC nor the ERLC, and hasn't for years. 4. Baptists have been and remain among the first and most faithful defenders of religious liberty (thus, the Ethics and RELIGIOUS LIBERTY Commission). Baptists such as Roger Williams, Isaac Backus, and John Leland deserve a great deal of credit for your privilege of living under the protections of the First Amendment. Coerced conversions are anathema to Southern Baptists. A bedrock principle for us is that everyone deserves the right to arrive at his or her own informed decision regarding matters of faith. Those who are insecure about entering the marketplace of faith ideas...who would rather that people remain UNinformed in their religious choices...often engage in such ridiculous rhetoric as suggesting that the SBC is stuffing anything down anyone's throat, when really we are simply freely offering the Bread of Life to whomever will choose freely to receive it.Updated: 2007-08-23 02:18:25
Updated: 2007-08-23 02:19:02

Who really supports the CWC initiative?2007-08-23 10:31:44jqpublic

One of the supporters of this "anti-stem cell" (under the guise of "anti-cloning") research initiative is Michael Whitehead. Isn't he an attorney for the Southern Baptist Convention Christian Life Commission out of Kansas City, MO? The Southern Baptist Convention in part condemns protests not in support of their own agendas, considers global warming less of a threat than economic instability, and are waiting for the rapture while trying to stuff their brand of religion and thought down everybody's throat.