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DNR presents Smith with award2007-10-02 11:25:16pstotts

I appreciate the fact that local Stream Team members are recogized for their continued efforts to protect streams and educate their neighbors. There needs to be a correction in the 4th paragraph of the article. Rosiland Layne and I had presented an award to Wayne Smith, Webb City High School biology teacher and stream team leader. Mr Smith provides the the students with an opportunity to learn about the conditions of local streams. The award is very special because it recognizes the importance of continued monitoring efforts. The presentation: Dedicating a Decade to Water Quality Monitoring reads, "To commemorate a minimum of 10 years participation in Missouri's Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring program. This award is presented to Wayne Smith for monitoring water quality and contributing to the scientific data on Missouri's wadeable streams." The award is signed by Doyle Childers. director of the Department of Natural Resources.
Updated: 2007-10-03 11:04:27