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It's poured before....2008-01-13 12:14:36n99nt

I'll bet on someone falling asleep at the wheel for the problems at the water department. Pilot error is the cause of my accidents, you know.

Who's accountable?2008-01-11 19:35:06mambo

With all the attention on the health issue of contaminated water, and rightfully so, what has been lost or maybe not addressed as yet, is an examination of why/how the contaminated water got into the system? A new intake system was recently installed, at some expense, on Shoal Creek. If the system cannot tolerate flooding then who is responsible? If it was human error then how will it be remedied in the future? What has caused past city wide boil orders and what remedies were taken then to prevent future occurrences? Will there be any public accountability for this for-profit water company? Just wondering?

Message to Joplin residents2008-01-11 11:41:35mambo

Between trimming trees, cutting wood and boiling water there in Joplin I just wonder how you find time to do anthing else at all! Next will find you out in your backyard slaughering your dinner and smoking a bit of it for winter. Anything acorn fed is said to be the health food of the future. Just wait till the wastewater system shoots craps. But then there will be many slop jocky job opportunities to bolster Gov. Matt's employment stats. LOL