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My words need clarification2008-04-17 14:56:55s-inge

It is not that we need to change or can change the hearts and minds of people it is that the hearts and minds of people are the root of culture and the focus of change. I would not suggest that a person on his own has the ability to change himself or anyone else. Only God can do the required spiritual surgery. Everyone does believe or have faith in something. The beliefs we hold form our perspectives and ultimately our cultures. I suggested that it is not our belief system that combats racism, but that we need to look at ourselves and our beliefs and see how they lead to our actions and attitudes. I did not say I believe religion/church is just a system for finding out who were are as individuals. i said the church used to be a place to talk about these issues and cultural concerns and should be a safe place now to ask questions, have hard conversations and begin to discover who we really are and who God really is. We dont say being good is not easy, though we do say you dont have to be good at being good, we say that its impossible without Jesus. I also did not say racism can't be eliminated soley through the use of scripture and the church. God does use Scripture to change peoples hearts and he uses the church to love people and point them toward Jesus. We did not discuss the relevancy or sufficiency of scripture or the role of the church in eliminating racism. I did agree that historically religion has been used as a means of racism and is as guilty as anything else. The church has not always done a good job of representing Jesus in many areas, because the church is made up of sinful people. I DID NOT say and would NOT say scripture and the church, as God intended it, are racist! This is a blatant misrepresentation of my words and I take offense to it. Scriptures does teach us about racial issues and their total inappropriateness and ungodliness. As a Christian there is absolutely NO ROOM for racism and Jesus and the bible NEVER condone racist behavior, rather it is expressly condemned by Jesus and scripture. There can be racist people who claim to be Christians, but they do not know Jesus and are not following Jesus nor do they understand their bibles. The bible addresses prejudices and teaches that Jesus Christ by his death, burial and resurrection defeated sin, the cause of our hardness of heart and hatred of one another and that He alone is the source of acceptance and peace.....