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Many know gov. Palin2008-08-31 14:25:24guest

High ranking conservative leaders are excited over the news that Gov. Palin was Sen. McCain's Choice for vice president. At a meeting of national conservative leaders in Minneapolis [convened by this commenter] the excitement was palpable. There is a high level of optimism that the McCain-Palin combination is a ticket that will connect with values voters. The selection of Gov. Palin means that this upcoming election will be historic. But beyond making history, Palin brings substance and excitement. She is intelligent, young, attractive and articulate. As a woman and mother she can attract women voters, particularly those who feel disenfranchised. Gov. Palin can work with both parties and has shown she can clean up government corruption. she has not merely talked about the energy crisis, she has actively worked to create solutions. Gov. Palin is pro-life and pro-marriage. She is also a lifelong member of the National Riftle Association.--Mathew Staver

Palin's character unquestioned2008-08-31 13:14:45s-embry

What do you do with a group of elitist who seem totally out of touch with "the people" and who seem incredibly motivated by money and self preservation while they dominate the US congress and the media? You fix it by throwing in a strong uncompromising women of noble character. One who is strengthened and motivated by the people she loves...her countrymen and women. I hope she puts a little double taking into the political and media minded strategies out there. I hope she wins and makes those elitist see that their status positions can be put to work in a productive manner as Americans who are strong for each other instead of their own agenda or their next big story. Politics, media, family, ingenuity, and invention in American can change for the better with people who have hearts like this. Sarah Palin is the most exciting VP candidate this 21st century group of Americans has ever seen. Way to go McCain!

Palin who?2008-08-31 11:32:56misterd

Well, I don't think McCain knows her name either.....

Nobody knows her name...2008-08-31 07:42:30mariwinn

As an aside--Contrary to the regulars at Cheers, the bar that Ted Danson made famous, when asked what he thought about Senator McCain's choice of a vice presidential running mate, Senator "Kit" Bond said Alaska's Sarah Palin "will sell well in Southwest Missouri" but that she isn't known well yet. He liked the fact that she was a "governor" and a "reformer like McCain" and "as a Mom, concerned about the issues all of us are concerned about."