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When tempers flare...2008-10-08 11:47:53mariwinn

It was not my intent to get into a debate on who is or isn't responsible for the Holocaust. It does scare me to think that it happened and since history often repeats itself, it scares me to think that people might let it happen again, perhaps, with different players. My article about Irena Sendler was meant to not only help keep her memory alive--because obviously people like she are crutially important--but also to commend the students of Norm Conard for their role in this endeavor. I am sorry for my improper choice of words that have so vehemently been misconstrued. The article otherwise clearly states the role of German Nazis in this most horrible event in history.

Insulting to Polish 2008-10-08 10:02:05wolyn

Dear Mariwinn, I must say it scares me to see a major in English/education, certified to teach English K-12 and elementary education. Not to mention your aspects of journalism. This should mean you understand how your words can be used and great care should be applied when choosing to report. I want my children to be taught that when they write a factual paper to do so with the utmost care. Do not deceive the reader by use of words. Placing this camp in "Poland" vs. "Nazi Occupied Poland" is wrong. "A graduate of Rutgers University, I hold a B.A. degree with a major in English/education and a minor in history/Spanish, have taken advanced courses in American Studies, and am certified in NJ to teach English K-12 and elementary education. I have about 30 years experience in various aspects of journalism" Your response to the last response is what prompted me to write. "However, it's not to say that there weren't Polish Nazis." What about "Soviet Jewish Military", or "Jewish" that were under "Nazi" command? You see your last comment leads to me to believe you are anti Poland. This was rather cruel to the Polish that lost to both Nazi's and Soviet's. I strongly feel an apology for your last statement is needed, as well as a correction to your story. Together we can respect all the victims.

Defining "German Nazi camps"2008-10-07 21:35:16stefanw

Your response is a common one that is often given by journalists who are unaware of or insensitive to the issue. However, in writing your article I see you must be of the \\\"unaware\\\" variety. No, these camps were not in Poland, because Poland did not exist between late 1939 and 1945. In fact Auschwitz was incorporated into Germany, and Warsaw was in the new German-run state of \\\"General Gouvernement\\\". Lest you think I am splitting hairs, this is a well-founded issue (see Even the American Jewish Committee has rejected the usage \\\"Polish camps\\\", stating that: \\\"Auschwitz-Birkenau and the other death camps, including Belzec, Chelmno, Majdanek, Sobibor and Treblinka, were conceived, built and operated by Nazi Germany and its allies. The camps were located in German-occupied Poland, the European country with by far the largest Jewish population, but they were most emphatically not \\\"Polish camps\\\". This is not a mere semantic matter. Historical integrity and accuracy hang in the balance.\\\" [American Jewish Committee. (2005-01-30). \\\"Statement on Poland and the Auschwitz Commemoration.\\\" Press release.] Please do correct your article by replacing the word \\\"Polish camps\\\" with \\\"German Nazi camps\\\" and if you want, add \\\"in occupied Poland.\\\"

An over-reaction?2008-10-07 21:29:00mariwinn

The use of the description "Polish camp" was meant to imply that (1) the place was in Poland and (2) held mostly Polish citizens, in this case mainly Jews. Since people freely may leave "ghettos," the term "camp" seems more appropriate and in this type of reference has been used interchangeably. The article otherwise clearly states that the Germans were the perpetrators. However, it's not to say that there weren't Polish Nazis.

Mariwinn gets it wrong on Sendler2008-10-07 04:28:48stefanw

Oh my God! In an otherwise intelligent and sensitive article about the heroism of a Polish Gentile saving 2500 Polish Jews from death in the Warsaw Ghetto, the author "mariwinn" writes: 'she used her role as a "nurse" to access the Polish camp, and... to sneak children past the Nazi guards.' What? A Polish camp?! The Warsaw Ghetto (not a camp) was run by the GERMANS, the death camps were GERMAN, the Nazi guards were GERMAN, the invaders and occupiers of Poland were GERMAN - not Polish. How could you let such a terribly wrong statement through? It's like saying American pilots were responsible for the September 11 tragedy in New York. Shame shame shame on you mariwinn, and shame Joplin Independent - and fix this blatant error immediately.