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Spooklight-1948-532008-11-21 06:20:22czesjb

We lived in Joplin in between 1948-53. TV was 2 channels, from about 2p.m. until 7 p.m. Movies were only changed once a week. My father suggested we take a drive one night. Mother,my sister, myself in the auto and out to the "Spooklight". YES, I was in school at St.Peter's,ergo was sober! We saw the light quite clearly! Never forgot it. Then off to California. In 1971 traveling with a female friend,had told her of the "light". We asked Joplin policeman, he laughed, "I have been here all my life,I don't believe in it". But gave us directions. YES there it was, BUT it had moved from the original road about 2 miles to another,because we were told, someone blocked off the road. YES, we met and chatted with the owner of `Spooky's'. Toured the store. Tried photographing the `light' no luck. Laughed and after 2 hours we drove on to Tulsa and back to CA. In 1982, in Ca. With friends we were chatting, I mentioned the "light". They said, "nonsense". I picked up the phone and phoned Jasper County Sheriff's Office. Had another old timer get on the phone and confirm, indeed there was a real light. My wife has yet to see the light. We travel the World yearly.But never reach Missouri, but before we "go" I hope she will have the opportunity to see it. Here we are in Northern California,Bay Area, and I found Joplin again via the Internet. Beautiful little town. Now a retired Psychiatrist, but fond memories of those brief years in Joplin.(Recall/saw the stockyard fire, circa 1951). Keep clean Joplin! Doktor Dave
Updated: 2008-11-21 06:25:25