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Where your tax dollars are---GOING?2009-04-08 15:18:10casca

Because the Obama administration has been relatively silent about the fomenting illegal immigration issue. Don't be absorbed into a state of tranquility--as if nothing is going to happen? We must--ALL--keep our surveillance well tuned on the halls of power. Something is quietly churning in the minds of the anti-sovereignty politicians. Everything is connected--the free movement of cheap labor--an agenda of the free traders, and their North American Union. AMNESTY! The DREAM ACT! The 2010 census that is being organized through the White House with the radical ACORN counting heads. This includes 40 million illegal aliens estimated by the Heritage Foundation, that encompasses every state. This is a travesty of the Census, because then "Sanctuary States" will appropriate more federal funds, owing to the large populations of illegal immigrants and obtain more seats in Congress. Sanctuary States like California will have more influence where your tax money goes. There Liberal state assembly will get a very large portion to pay for the overcrowded--None English speaking classrooms, the free allocation of Health care for all who illegally steal into America. The undisclosed list of free handouts, tapped into by illegal alien families. We have already seen intentional corruption in the Acorn ranks to fraudulently alter Voter registrations. This entity should not be allowed anywhere near the Census enumeration. ILLEGAL ALIENS SHOULD HAVE NO RIGHT TO ANYTHING--other than a deportation order from a Federal judge. E-verify has been compromised by certain Senate lawmakers, so 300.000 plus foreign labor. They can be hired by unscrupulous contractors in the construction industry. All anti-illegal immigration laws promoted by our reluctant legislators are either secretly killed before they see the light of day or diluted down. So with the REAL ID act, E-Verify, the police enforcement 247(g) program, and even the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 (IRCA). It's your future, it's your money being appropriated for business welfare and illegal alien handouts. WE NEED ANOTHER TEA PARTY. Read their awful immigration grades at NUMBERSUSA. Call Washington to stop this travesty; 202-224-3121