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Info on Jefferson Highway wanted2010-07-20 11:42:48jdavis

I am with the Barton County Historical Society. We are looking for a detailed map of the JH that ran through Lamar. We keep getting different stories from the old-timers around here about where it was exactly. I read your comment about taking photos of the dam. We were under the impression that it did not go that far east and pretty much stayed within a mile of 71 highway. Any help would be appreciated.

Bit-O-History2009-11-18 22:24:45buzz

Interestingly about 2 yrs ago I tried to research the Jeff. Hwy.(Rt.71) with no success. Hooray for these articles filling in exactly what I was searching for. I live in Fl. but used to live in Carthage in the 1930's and appreciated the route coming through town as it was booster to the community along with Rt.66. Ya just got to love it. Thanks and good wishes. Buzz