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Here's the people input...2010-01-12 14:57:09mambo

Hey, saw where linked to JI off their main page to this Blunt health care talking points story. What seemed to be missing from the discussion was citizen input from those on the receiving end of the health care issue. Since rb had no open town hall meetings, maybe, a large round table of those on the receiving end of our health care system including those without hi. rescission, pre-existing, et al. My policy hiked 33% this year! Blunt helped bring us Part D bulk purchasing with no reduced pricing, plus health insurance companies are exempt from anti-trust laws as well so how cheap will policies be in another state vs. your home state? So self verification by citizen is bad but self monitoring by corporations is OK? Maybe, a citizen could have informed the group that tort reform was passed in MO and signed by rb's son with the then gov's statement that insurance costs would lower but in the real world that did not come to pass. Did you get to ask rb for his list of healthy living requirements? Would you be dinged for living in an area with polluted air or water? Would you have to provide verification that your water and air contained no pollutants? So rb is suggesting expanding the EPA, FDA, USDA, et. al. to help keep us healthier? "The government never has done enough to keep people healthy," Blunt said. Is he reminiscing about the past 8 years under R rule? As in the case of rb, if you got prostate cancer, would you be dinged for living some sort of unhealthy lifestyle that would have brought that on? See "President Uses Dubious Statistics on Costs of Malpractice Lawsuits - Two Congressional agencies dispute findings that caps on damage awards produce big savings in medical costs. (Jan. 29, 2004-