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Prop or Jet?2010-09-26 00:00:01rarebass

American Eagle's 66 seat (66 seat!) plane is in fact a Turbo Prop aircraft... A "Jet" with propellars. Jet's have Turbo Fan engines, Turbo Prop have Turbo Prop engines...sounding familar? Yes they are both jet engines. The difference is one has a fan located within the jet engine (you can see it turning from the front. And the other has big props. So you see it's not a bad thing they are bringing the 66 seat ATR's in. ATR-72's are fast, large, cofortable, and they get the job done! Don't be afraid of a turbo prop. You also forgot to mention that American Eagle opted to sub a RJ (Regional Jet) with less seats if the need arrised. That would be what you call a "jet". I'd take the ATR anyday though! Thanks