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Barbaric not Humane2012-06-07 18:36:08smokey

Known throughout the horse industry as "Slaughterhouse Sue" Ms. Wallis has an agenda Rockville will not like. She forms internet LLC's for $100 or so and gives herself a fancy title. There is no staff except maybe her husband and 7 kids but she wants to be known as the CEO, President, COO, Chairman. Folks it's a ruse. She claims to speak for the horse industry yet doesn't own any and most of the industry actually loathe her for her tactics and ludecrous claims. Number's almost impossible to humanely kill a horse. They use a captive bolt and often have to hit the animal 8 or 9 times because of the horses instinct to flee. Still most of the horses are only stunned and wake up while they are literally being butchered alive. Number 2...The meat is Toxic. Horses in the US are given vaccines, pain killers i.e. Bute, and de-wormer's that are toxic in the meat and make it unfit for human consumption. Ingesting this meat will make you quite ill or even kill you. Even the major market in Europe has now banned US horsemeat for just this reason. Number 3...Legislation is in both houses of congress to end this barbaric practice altogether in this country. Now what could you expect should you decide not to head my warning? Take a look at what happened to Kaufman, Texas

Rising up against the Slaughter2012-06-07 18:14:58advocate

I can't believe that the citizens of this town would allow such an atrocity. There is NOTHING HUMANE about the slaughter of horses. And, If you do your research, you will see that this woman is pure evil. She lies about "Rescuing Horses". She's not rescuing, she's procuring product for her slaughter house. PRODUCT.... That she will then sell for a profit. Money in her pocket. Please people...... stand up against this. Stop this woman in her tracks. Do Not let your town be part of this horrible crime.
Updated: 2012-06-07 06:16:28