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Horsemeat is toxic2012-06-07 13:06:07bluepts

So, when are they going to implement the tracking system for horse medications then? As you may know, the EU has had to implement a a costly and complex horse passport system for ALL horses there, whether they are going to slaughter or not, to track the medications horses receive over their entire lifetime because these medications are cancerous to humans. The EU has had the passport system in place since 2004 and an accompanying microchip since 2009. The EU is finally realizing that the US has no system for tracking medications that US horses receive, making them ineligible to be imported as human food. This will be strictly enforced starting in 2013 -- something that the Canadian horse slaughterhouses are also worried about because over 50% of their slaughtered horses come from the US. If you want to slaughter US horses, then all 9 million US horses will need a passport of similar. Note: there is no acceptable withdrawal time for bute. If a horses ever receives even one does in it's life, it is ineligible in the eyes of the EU because of the toxic effects it has to humans. Also, according to our own food laws, it is absolutely illegal to be slaughtering horses as human food for the very same reason.