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CONSIDER THIS2012-06-09 13:30:20graypony

For those sites who are “considering” implementation of a “horse harvesting” facility in your community. A few things that need to be considered in the overall scope of the project.: Tax records – when “horse harvesting” was still a practice in the US.- The parent companies of these facilities are foreign owned, as horse meat is not a popular commodity in the US. Tax records posted publicly on the Kaufman Zoning site show an annual tax bill in the neighborhood of FIVE DOLLARS? How is that going to benefit your community, given the COST of maintenance and disposal of the waste products – many of them toxic – from the processing facilities? Additionally, history has PROVEN that stewardship of the land that they operate on is not a primary concern for these companies – not their country, not their problem. Take the money until the community wises up, and then move on. Why do you suppose that the states that USED to house processing facilities no longer want them there? Job creation – oh yeah – minimum wage positions – so gruesome that the majority of those who are willing to take the position are desperate, and have no conscience with regard to the welfare or treatment of the animals they are “harvesting”. After all, they’re just a piece of meat – they just happen to be breathing prior to the process they are about to endure. Traffic – many large semi trucks – rolling into your neighborhood – waiting their turn to offload their “product” – some of whom will be dead on arrival – Those animals cannot be “harvested” – and usually are piled up in an “undisclosed location” on the property to “compost”. You can look forward to enjoying the fragrance of their decomposing bodies on a warm summer’s evening while you’re grilling your food on the patio. And occasionally, if your dog manages to get out and go for a run, he’ll bring you a “souvenir” from his ramblings… Hopefully, it will just be an unidentifiable bone, and you won’t have to see the horror on your children or guests face when he brings home an identifiable horse part! Just a few things to consider before you invite them into your neighborhood ….
Updated: 2012-06-09 01:32:37