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Author is thanked2012-06-07 13:00:54mmcn

Many thanks. It is very refreshing to see a member of the media posting the truth. I certainly hope that United Equine LLC is unsuccessful in its attempt to open a plant in your area--for your sake as well as for that of the horses.

Why We oppose Horse Slaughter!2012-06-07 12:53:11konabear

There are so many reasons and people that have educated themselves on the health dangers to the public as well as the enviroment can context to that.They are not in it to make $$$ like Horse Brokers or Kill buyers but legitamately concerned about our welfare..and the Horses themselves!They have served our society as a whole for many years and bring much joy to all that own and need their presence for therapy and companionship.That is not how we repay them sending them into horrific dark and fearful places like a Slaughter Plant,Not Humane what so ever..there are ways to help them and if the Government would just please do as we asked of them as tax payers to help us save these magnificent creatures instead of follow the ways of European practices-Not Right and Not Right For America!