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Not slaughter is inhumane2012-06-07 12:55:40jedjake2

People need to drive out in the country to see all the horses not being used and a lot of them starving.

Why we oppose horse slaughter2012-06-07 12:26:45monikaco

The barbaric predatory industry of slaughter does NOT accept skinny emaciated horses - They are rejected - as they want fat young horses for their flesh producing outfits ! 15 things to know why more than 80% of Americans DO NOT want this barbaric industry to return !

Solutions instead of Horse Slaughter 2012-06-07 12:24:31monikaco

This country is out of control with breeding. Not just horses, but dogs/cats who pay the ultimate price for an ignorant society at best. Regulate this excess breeding, increase registration fees and rethink the throw-away approach. The public health threat of adulterated meat is another significant component that is dismissed. Educate we must. Horse slaughter can't be implemented humane. Solutions were presented to Dr. Grandin before the summit, she put then on the table there. Yet in those is no profit –driving the pro-slaughter minds to exploit and continue the irresponsible, cheap dumping grounds of slaughter and looking the other way, an American trademark. SOLUTIONS Stop over-breeding, irresponsible breeding, (introduce incentives for quality over quantity breeding); License stallion owners; even a “nominal” fee might help deter irresponsible breeding practices; Increase brand inspection fees and use funds for low cost gelding and end of life (humane euthanasia via a licensed vet) programs; Strengthen cruelty statutes and ensure enforcement; Connect animal control officers with qualified rescues for impound/seizure assistance so there is no excuse to not remove abused horses; Develop horse related businesses to take in former slaughter bound horses (therapeutic riding centers, riding academies, guest ranches, trail riding organizations, equine assisted therapy programs, wounded warrior military programs, youth camps, etc.); Develop quality intern/apprenticeship programs; Support/develop more programs like CO. Front Range Equine Rescue’s “Stop the Backyard Breeder” and “Trails End” programs; Improve tracking of stolen horses and prosecute offenders; Educate on responsible horse care; Provide hay banks, Educate on re-homing of horses (safe advertising, networking); Develop businesses which offer burial/cremation services; Educate on injury prevention and rehab services to improve a horse’s chance to return to work, even modified; Develop prison/community service programs to help with re-training of horses. Know that humans are the problem, not the horses!