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Republican Liberty Caucus supports Akin2012-08-23 10:02:22tmartz

The Republican Liberty Caucus, the constitutional arm of the Republican party, has issued a statement in support of Todd Akin remaining in the senatorial race in opposition to incumbent Claire McCaskill. As chairman I, Tom Martz have issued the following statement. Yes, Congressman Akin made a mistake in his choice of words in the interview on the Jacko Report; however, this statement is hardly indicative of the important issues of this upcoming campaign. The Congressman has issued a sincere apology on multiple occasions and he is aware of how harmful his statements could be and it is time to move on from this issue and for the Republican party to rally around their nominee.

Republican Senators ask Akin to step aside2012-08-21 11:51:30amber-m

“We do not believe it serves the national interest for Congressman Todd Akin to stay in this race. The issues at stake are too big, and this election is simply too important. The right decision is to step aside.” -- In agreement with this statement are Sen. Roy Blunt and former Missouri U.S. Senators John Ashcroft, Kit Bond, John Danforth, and Jim Talent.

Bye bye Akin2012-08-21 08:23:44doc-a

I don't see why the Democrats even have to run ads against Akin. He has sufficiently ruined his chances. I think even Republicans are embarrassed by him.