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Runaround + denial= Pella customer service2013-03-27 11:45:19richinpa

My home is 12+ years old and was built with 40+ Pella Pro-Line double hung windows. Several rotted panes were replaced by Pella before the 10-year warranty expired. The windows continue to rot and Pella stands by the terms of their warranty even though they recently settled a class action suit on the casement model of these same windows. Their service tech acknowledged they are seeing rotted windows due to water penetrating the unsealed clad; he even gave me a tube of silicone sealer and instructions to try and stop water penetration. the windows rot the same place each time; the lesser frequency of double hung failure is likely due to exterior screens deflecting water compared to casement style windows with interior mount screens. Unfortunately, I have never had screens in my double hung Pella windows. I've had nothing but runaround and denial from Pella customer service.