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Defining progress2014-08-19 11:20:16mariwinn

JLTpal, whoever you are: Ceci is not alone. Destroying the floor has offended major contributors of the JLT. I'm sure we all are not against progress (like putting money toward better lighting and better use of lighting), newer seats, a more comfortable intermission area, etc., but progress does not mean putting money toward destroying what represents contributions made for that purpose and doing that without seeking input from those contributors that have made the theatre the best that it is. Offending these contributors is counterproductive to the progress that you so desire.
Updated: 2014-08-19 12:29:06

small2014-08-19 09:08:30thespian

There are no small parts, only small people. The actor who has no lines and no name is just as much a part of the show as the person with the most lines. Each player is a part of of the team that makes the whole show.

Comedy & Tragedy2014-08-19 08:19:09jltpatro

I do know this, your probably are a great thespian, may be an actor on stage with no name and no lines, but you find a way to stand in the light. You my friend are hiding behind the Tragedy Mask, an actor on stage with no name. Jon & Angela Lowe,

More stupidity...2014-08-19 06:30:41jltpal

I made those comments based on very intimate knowledge of the situation, not ignorance, as you suggest. In fact, I no doubt have much more insight than you, obviously. As for Ceci giving considerable time to JLT (despite the fact that you don't actually know my age, as you don't seem to know much else), I believe you are correct that Ceci does do a lot for the theatre. Of course, she's also paid for much of her time. However, I do feel Ceci cares and I do think she does what SHE thinks is best. I'm convinced she does care a great deal about it's history, there's not much doubt as to that. However, she DOES NOT want change, she wants everything to be "as they've always done it." And that attitude is precisely what's prevented positive growth and new ideas. She fights anything new, anything that might bring a new, more diverse audience, a younger patronage. Yes, she cares, but for the things that aren't making for a better JLT in 2014 and beyond. And I can assure you, I'm quite knowledgeable as to her methods when she doesn't want change, progress. She's sneaky and manipulative and undermines anything she doesn't personally agree with. She wants things the way they've always been and she's a dirty player in her efforts. Therefore, I believe she doesn't actually have the best interests of JLT or the theatrical community at heart. It's time for changes at Joplin Little Theatre, that's true. But for the faction that thinks the best way to achieve that is to get rid of the current Board, they couldn't be more wrong! The best thing for the theatre is to send Ceci to her retirement and allow those who are working so hard, those who are staying until the wee hours of the morning, committed to long needed improvement their time without her subversive tactics and backstabbing. It's actually you, my friend, who has no idea of which they're speaking.

Rude2014-08-18 14:20:25jltpatro

The cowardly comment about Ceci Fritz shows your obvious ignorance of JLT. Ceci has given more hours to JLT than you are old.To call Ceci an enemy of JLT is a insult and cheap shot, and so wrong its laughable. People who made these bad decisions should have the back bone to say I (we) made a mistake, at least on how this whole situation was handled. Angela Lowe (Life time member) Jon Lowe (40 year Patron)

Ridiculous!2014-08-17 23:09:13jltpal

It's utterly ridiculous to think that the JLT Board didn't have the best of intentions or the consideration of JLT's future when this decision was made. Mrs. Fritz is widely known for fighting ANY change, anything to bring the theatre into the 21st-century. She is well known for her sneaky and manipulative ways and this is another example of her trying to get what she wants. If she's allowed to continue these actions, her attempts to "preserve the history" will be the downfall of the theatre. It's long past the time that the theatre brings in some new blood, some people with good ideas that can bring this theatre forward. Ceci Fritz is proving to be the theatre's worst enemy.
Updated: 2014-08-17 11:18:49