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Rebuttal2014-08-20 09:02:30rebel

What I find amazing is that you & others keep talking about how WE are hurting the theater. May I remind you that it is you, the current Board of Directors, that did the damage & continue to do so. Your lecture on who does what at the theater just added insult to injury. You really think we donít know how it works? REALLY??? I remind you that it is because of US & those who went before us that you even have a theater. We are made up of not only donors & supporters but past Board members, Past Executive Board members, actors/singers, set designers, choreographers, costumers, stage managers, Angel Guild members, stage hands, volunteers, etc., etc. - weíve been involved in ALL aspects & areas of JLT. We are well aware of how it all works. We are also aware of the by-laws & we know when you, the current Board, are in violation of those laws as well as your not-for-profit, tax exempt status which the Board is close to losing. Who do you think worked so hard to raise those funds that are so wrongly being squandered away. WE are the ones who did it! That is exactly why we are so adamant in our protest. Even though we refrained from asking for resignations at last nightís Board meeting, I personally think itís the proper thing to do. The current Board lacks foresight, lacks respect & lacks understanding. You want us to cease and desist? Sorry but thatís not going to happen. We want a voice in this mural & until we get a say-so we wonít shut up. Each & every time that those doors open up people will be reminded of your thoughtless destruction & total disregard of the people who have supported JLT with their time & money for many, many years. I am Rebecca Perry - past Board member, past President of JLT, actor/singer, set designer, choreographer, costumer, stage manager, stage hand, volunteer, Floor Tile Donor & donor of the new marquee.
Updated: 2014-08-20 04:09:01