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The show will go on2014-08-19 17:42:43sailfast

People, it’s time to cease and desist. Damage is being done and it’s not to a building. If the dang building had been hit by an F5 we’d be morning lives lost and planning to rebuild, not crying (too much) over things that can be replaced. The HISTORY is of shows, artists, people and memories; jobs well done and enjoyment of a loved art. Money is donated to enhance the art. Bricks and mortar frame it. PEOPLE bring the art to life. STOP HURTING THE PEOPLE! The Angle Guild wants to support the arts. They fund improvements, occasionally shore up the budget. The Board tends to the business side. The directors and performers, stage hands, carpenters, seamstresses, front office, ushers, productions secretary…….(the list is long) work together to make it all happen. WORK TOGETHER. (Did you catch that part?). Really, you want everybody to resign? Didn’t get it your way so you’re going to take your ball and go home? Or send me home and say I can’t play with you anymore? It’s a community theater. We are community. We are Joplin, remember? You want my apology? For voting to put funds, that took years to raise, into capital improvement? Fine. I apologize. If I were going to make accusations, I would point my “shame, shame, shame” finger at the person that posted the pictures of the torn up tiles with the only discernibly intent to hurt and enrage. There’s enough of that going on in our state. Time to move forward. The show must go on. Chrys Corcoran, Angle Guild, JLT