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Local artists don't need assistance2011-06-07 07:26:48mdelphos

While I as an artist appreciate Loewenstein's sentiments and his offer to assist in the creation of a Joplin post disaster mural(s), I believe that such a project should come from within our community of Joplin artists. Quite a few of us are experienced and fully competent, indeed, even talented, in creating murals and other public works, and also documentary films. Why shouldn't Joplin artists earn the money that will be paid to an outside "artist-in-residence" and his self-promotional staff, instead of our being free grunt labor? This is all part of the prevailing local mindset that Joplin artists are inferior to those in other cities and our work should be free. Unfortunately, I doubt many other local artists will risk coming off as less than amiable by standing up for themselves and the worth of their work. Artists, show your mettle!