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dumb2006-08-13 19:30:20hribar

terorisem is a kuestion of 2openminded and relative. if you are an american or žid you are for me terrrorist!! viva la freee kuba and arabia and kominust's yugoslavia and china and free world of capitalism!!! bomb!

Nervous at the nuke2005-01-27 15:16:23jeanb

I stopped to get a picture of the nuclear power plant in Arkansas a few weeks ago and fully expected sirens to start going off or a police car to turn up. Nothing happened. Looking at it from the security point of view though, it does seem that nuclear plants are one of the most vulnerable sites for terrorism. I guess I'd like them to be pretty well guarded, though not necessarily from photographers. Then again, the other day when those trains were wrecked in California by a single demented guy with an SUV (not even his intention), didn't it become clear that if this country were full of terrorists wanting to kill lots of people, they could quite easily do so? Which brings us back to the question of who was really behind the 9/11 attacks.

Listen Punk!2005-01-27 10:06:13anontx

If you are not taking a picture of a pretty flower in your own fenced backyard then these days you are a suspect. And don't let anyone catch you pointing that camera thing up in the sky at one of our aero-planes either. That's prima facia evidence of a middle eastern background. Here in Houston Texas we used to have a special area where we could go and photograph airplanes landing from the end of a runway. Or just let the kids watch one go overhead. Not anymore. I don't know the answer but I am forming many questions that try to balance security and America's freedom. Thanks for the story, too bad its not so unusual.