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OBama's plan. 2010-02-19 02:11:02nuke_b

I do not agree with Obama's plan. This would only create mishap to some people. The Obama nuclear agenda apparently consists of more than just dealing with Iran Obama wants a nuclear power plant or two built. He and the Department of Energy have just agreed to underwrite and guarantee loans in excess of $8 billion (it takes more than a few payday loans to build a power plant) for the construction of two new power plants in Georgia, both capable of generating over 1100 MWe each (so that's about 2,200 MWe total), on a couple thousand acres. By contrast, a wind power plant takes up almost 100,000 acres to produce less than 800 MWe. 1 MWe is about the equivalent amount of energy (irrespective of watt hours) used powering 1000 homes.