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The implications of a sales tax2005-03-02 22:09:24kris

First of all, this would make the government's revenue completely dependant on how well material sales were doing, which is completely inconsistent. This would also decrease the incentive for individuals to reinvest their money into the economy (consumer goods would be much more expensive because the entire tax burden would be on their sales). The government would indirectly be advocating an unmaterialistic existence, something that is not necessarily bad on an individual level but would definitely be bad for the American economy.

For Fair Tax2005-03-02 08:51:23abosch

Kris, Go to and read up on this before you condem it. There is a monthly rebate to cover taxes on necessities. Take-home pay will increase significantly. Prices will drop. Jobs will be created & return from overseas. EVERYONE will pay their share of the taxes, even drug dealers, prostitutes, teens at the mall and Japanese tourists.