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Kris is ignorant on the facts2005-03-02 10:40:47gaelons

Kris you are ignorant. You are talking about a flat income tax, but the article speaks of the FairTax, which is a National Retail Sales Tax. Everyone would get a prebate check for the amount of Sales Tax incurred up to the poverty line each month, so the poor would be completely untaxed (unlike now). You speak of tax incentives of the current system. What more of a business tax incentive than for corporations to pay NO tax at all? That would bring companies back into our borders. You speak of people owning homes. Today only 20% of tax filers deduct their mortgate INTEREST. With FairTax, your ENTIRE house payment would be tax-free, not just the interest. You talk about tax enforcement. Under FairTax, over 80% of the total tax collection points in the present system are eliminated! Tax Enforcement would become much easier. Get educated before spouting out ignorant statements!
Updated: 2005-03-02 10:41:57