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Part 32005-03-02 00:06:19kris

Mobility, a founding value of this country, would be all but nonexistent in this greatly divided nation produced by a flat tax. The rich would only get richer and the poor would not have any extra capital after taxes to reinvest into the economy and become wealthy off of. There would be no motivation for the rich to reinvest their wealth into the economy, so the already low reinvestment rate from the wealthy classes would only go down. This is something that we can not let happen. The choice that we are faced with today is an easy choice and a fair choice. A flat tax may be easy, but it would destroy America's society and economy. A graduated tax, like the one in place toaday, may be complicated, but it works. We need to look beyond the initial ease of the flat tax and into the heart of its corruption to see how it is wrong before we can understand why our current tax system is the best choice for everybody.