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"Ignorant"2005-03-10 21:30:10kris

Don't even worry about it, either of you, I used the word "Ignorant" too. And I wasn't talking about a person, I was talking about an idea.

ma-earth?2005-03-09 12:05:04gaelons

Personal attacks? Show where I made personal attacks. Perhaps you do not know the definition of "ignorant." Here is a link: ig·no·rant 1. Lacking education or knowledge. 2. Showing or arising from a lack of education or knowledge: an ignorant mistake. 3. Unaware or uninformed.

Personal attacks suck2005-03-02 11:41:08ma-earth

gaelons, who's the ignorant one? Don't take your frustration out on someone who has a right to express his opinion just like you but does it without using a personal attack. Your tactic doesn't make your appeal for a fair tax any more popular or appealing.