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Unbelieveable!2005-03-02 12:15:58tltvhocg

I simply can not believe the ignorance of this. I am a survivor of addiction who just opened a recovery program of my own. I never stop being baffled by the lack of concern and common sense of our government on these issues. They have no idea how incredibly failing the system really is!! Who can I call?! What can I do? I want to be heard. Please let me know. I have some stories for them. I would love to walk about 15 recovering addicts to Blunts office and let him in on a few things!! Although, it's not just him. They continue to build the prisons that institutionalize and criminalize and cut funding to rehabilitate. If they can't tell it's not working by now then I guess "we the people" need to explain it to them. I'm MAD!! Theresa Taylor