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What is freedom?2002-09-08 09:18:55mswylie

When we think of freedom, what does it mean? Does it mean the freedom to ignore our laws and hurt others? I think not. However, as I sit in my window this Sunday morning, just before I go to the church of my choice and worship God in my own way, I know I am free. But freedom really means the right to choose as long as my choices don't break the laws and hurt others. I wish our children could choose whether they say the "Pledge of Allegiance" or say a prayer in their school. Our fathers and forefathers fought and died to give us the freedom to choose and I believe that noone, be it judge or school officials have the right to diminish that freedom. If children, because of what they have learned from their parents, choose not to participate in the "Pledge of Allegiance", then they should not have to do so. Couldn't they just be given the right to leave the room briefly or read their library book or choose some other non-confrontational way of not participating while those who wish to remember our country and the people who made it strong say the "Pledge"? And how can we possibly take God out of our "Pledge of Allegiance" when God has always been in the hearts of those who have created and maintained our great country? If they ever let us vote on this one...I VOTE NO to removing God from our "Pledge of Allegiance"!!!!!